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Technical Committee

Committee Title
Technical Committee
Committee Description


The Technical Committee reviews and evaluates all transportation plans and programs from a technical standpoint. Composed of transportation planners and engineers appointed by local governments and several state agenices, the Technical Committee makes recommendations to the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board based on technical sufficiency, accuracy, and completeness of all plans and programs. This input provides the BRTB with a technical viewpoint prior to making decisions.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month and are open to the public.

Purpose and Mission

  • Oversee work efforts outlined in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
  • Review/coordinate UPWP efforts by BMC staff, state agencies, and the local jurisdiction
  • Stay informed on technical topics to support the BRTB’s work
  • Review and analyze proposed plans and programs


The Technical Committee consists of one representative from each member jurisdiction or agency of the BRTB. The Committee also includes representation from the State Highway Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority. Each year, the committee elects a new chair and vice chair. The chair of the BRTB and the Technical Committee should be from different jurisdictions/agencies.


Committee Category

Recent & Upcoming Meeting Materials

Date Sort ascending Committee Agendas Minutes Presentations Supporting Documents
Technical Committee View Resolution 23-23
Technical Committee View View Equity Scan , Resilience 2050 Update , TIP Amend PRG , TIP Amend Masonville Cove , US 40 Shared Use Path , MTS Walking Results Resolution 23-21 Resolution 23-22
Technical Committee View View DEB Goal , Equity Scan , Finalizing the UPWP , Historic Town Centers , Resilience 2050 Update , Travel with Family Resolution 23-19 Resolution 23-20
Technical Committee View View LOTS Asses Management and PTASP , Travel Time Reliability Targets , Bridge and Pavement Targets , Carbon Reduction Opportunities , Draft UPWP Update Resolution 23-15 Resolution 23-16 Resolution 23-17 Resolution 23-18
Technical Committee View View Carbon Reduction Opportunities , Release of Draft UPWP , Resilience 2050 update , TIP Amendment Howard Co , Work Program Tasks , Transit Hotspots Resolution 23-14
Technical Committee View View CAV Integration , Driving After Transit , Financial Forecast for Resilience 2050 , Draft Preferred Alternative , Potential FY 2024 Focus Areas , Saftey Performance Targets , MDOT MTA Asset Management Resolution 23-11 Resolution 23-12 Resolution 23-13
Technical Committee View View Resilience 2050 , December TIP Amendments , Hot Spot Report , Public Participation Plan , Travel with Friends , Safety Update Resolution 23-9 Resolution 23-10
Technical Committee View View Data Dashboards , Making the Transit Connection , MD 24 Rocks Road TIP Amend Resolution 23-8
Technical Committee View View Transit Governance Funding , Local Funding Assessment , Look Alive Campaign , Resilience 2050 Update
Technical Committee View View FY 2022 Carryover , TA Update , TIS 2 Update , Zero Emission VIP Resolution 23-6 Resolution 23-7