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Technical Committee

Committee Title
Technical Committee
Committee Description


The Technical Committee reviews and evaluates all transportation plans and programs from a technical standpoint. Composed of transportation planners and engineers appointed by local governments and several state agenices, the Technical Committee makes recommendations to the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board based on technical sufficiency, accuracy, and completeness of all plans and programs. This input provides the BRTB with a technical viewpoint prior to making decisions.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month and are open to the public.

Purpose and Mission

  • Oversee work efforts outlined in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
  • Review/coordinate UPWP efforts by BMC staff, state agencies, and the local jurisdiction
  • Stay informed on technical topics to support the BRTB’s work
  • Review and analyze proposed plans and programs


The Technical Committee consists of one representative from each member jurisdiction or agency of the BRTB. The Committee also includes representation from the State Highway Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority. Each year, the committee elects a new chair and vice chair. The chair of the BRTB and the Technical Committee should be from different jurisdictions/agencies.


Committee Category

Recent & Upcoming Meeting Materials

Date Sort ascending Committee Agendas Minutes Presentations Supporting Documents
Virtual Meeting: Technical Committee View U.S. 1 Evaluation , FY 2020 Carryover , MDOT MTA Emissions Bus Program , Phoenix Road Bridge over Gunpowder Falls , Baltimore Traffic Signals Intelligent Transportation System Resolution 21-05 Resolution 21-06 Resolution 21-07 Resolution 21-08
Joint Virtual Meeting: Interagency Consultation Group & Technical Committee View View Aftermarket Catalytic Converter , Self Certification , TIP and AQ , Transit Safety PM's , Transportation Alternatives Program Resolution #21-02 Resolution #21-03 Resolution #21-04
Virtual Meeting: Technical Committee View View Round 9A , TA , CMP Update Resolution #21-01 Resolution #21-02
Virtual Meeting: Technical Committee View View MTI Briefing UMD Mobility Data and COVID , New Mobility Best Practices , Pub Inv for UPWP TIP AQ , Regional Transportation Goals BRTB Resolution #20-15
Virtual Meeting: Technical Committee View View Data and Transit Performance , MTA On Board Transit Survey
Virtual Meeting: Technical Committee View View Climate Change Adaptation , Development Review New Mobility Resolution #20-13 Resolution #20-14
Technical Committee View View Transportation Climate Initiative , Urban Area Security Initiative , Evacuation Planning Update Resolution #20-12
Technical Committee View View Ongoing CMP Activities , Safety Performance Targets , TIP Amend MD 151 Bridges , Update on CMP Resolution #20-10 Resolution #20-11
Technical Committee View View Emerging Technologies , Launch 2021 TIP , Safety Targets 2020 , Human Service Trans Plan Resolution #20-09
Technical Committee View View Building Activity 2018 by Jurisdiction Resolution #20-07 Resolution #20-08