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BRTB Comment Form

By working together, we can make the transportation system better for all of us. Here are some ways you can have your voice heard:

Speak at a Baltimore Regional Transportation Board Public Meeting

Each month, the BRTB holds a board meeting to conduct business and vote on regional transportation plans and policies. At the start of this meeting, time is set aside for the BRTB members to hear from members of the public. The monthly BRTB meetings are one place that you can have your voice heard by our regions elected officials and/or representatives from local government, state transportation, planning, and environment agencies.

If you want to make comments at a BRTB meeting, learn more by reading Making Public Comments at BRTB Meetings: A Brief How To Guide or downloading the BRTB Public Testimony Rules and Procedures. Visit our calendar to find out when the next meetings will be held.

Share Your Thoughts Online or In Writing

The BRTB holds comment periods on its transportation plans and policies. To share your thoughts and ideas, send all comments in writing to:

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board
Attn: Public Involvement Coordinator
1500 Whetstone Way, Suite 300
Baltimore, MD 21230 @BaltoMetroCo   


BRTB Comment Form

You may also send your comments in, using this form.

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