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BRTB Members

The members of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board are made up of elected officials from the cities of Annapolis and Baltimore, the counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard, and Queen Anne's. In addition, the Board includes the Secretaries of the Maryland Departments of Transportation, Environment, and Planning, and the Administrator of the Maryland Transit Administration as well as the Administrator of Annapolis Transit.

Voting rights are extended to all members with the exception of the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Maryland Department of Planning, and Maryland Transit Administration. These agencies serve the BRTB in an advisory capacity.

In the absence of official members of the BRTB, alternates have been designated and empowered by their respective chief elected official or Secretary and serve as a means to integrate local- and state-oriented policies and needs into a regionally-based agenda.

The Honorable Gavin Buckley

Mayor of the City of Annapolis


Empowered Representative : Eric Leshinsky, Chief of Comprehensive Planning

Phone Number : 410.263.7961

The Honorable Steuart Pittman

County Executive of Anne Arundel County (Chair of BRTB)


Empowered Representative : Sam Snead, Transportation Officer

Phone Number : 410.222.3294

The Honorable Brandon Scott

Mayor of Baltimore City


Empowered Representative : Theo Ngongang, Deputy Director DOT, Chief of Policy

Phone Number : 410.396.6802

The Honorable John Olszewski

County Executive of Baltimore County (Vice-Chair of BRTB)


Empowered Representative : D’Andrea Walker, Acting Director, Department of Public Works

Phone Number : 410.887.3554

The Honorable Ed Rothstein

President, Board of County Commissioners, Carroll County


Empowered Representative : Lynda Eisenberg, Director of Planning

Phone Number : 410.386.2096

The Honorable Bob Cassilly

County Executive of Harford County


Empowered Representative : Alex Rawls, Senior Transportation Planner, Department of Planning & Zoning

Phone Number : 410.638.3103 x1372

The Honorable Calvin Ball

County Executive of Howard County


Empowered Representative : Bruce Gartner, Administrator, Office of Transportation

Phone Number : 410.313.0702

The Honorable Jack Wilson

Commissioner, Board of County Commissioners of Queen Anne's County


Empowered Representative : Steve Cohoon, Public Facilities Planner

Phone Number : 410.758.0920

The Honorable Paul Wiedefeld

Secretary for the Maryland Department of Transportation


Empowered Representative : Heather Murphy, Director of the Office of Planning & Capital Programming

Phone Number : 410.865.1275

The Honorable Serena McIlwain

Secretary for the Maryland Department of the Environment


Empowered Representative : Chris Hoagland

Phone Number : 410.537.3255

The Honorable Rebecca Flora

Secretary for the Maryland Department of Planning


Empowered Representative : Bihui Xu, Principal Planner

Phone Number : 410.767.4567

Ms. Holly Arnold

Administrator of the Maryland Transit Administration


Empowered Representative : Elizabeth Gordon, Director, Planning & Capital Programming

Phone Number : 410.767.3787

Mr. Kwaku Agyemang-Duah

Deputy Director, Annapolis Department of Transportation


Empowered Representative : Dr. Kwaku Agyemang-Duah

Phone Number : 410.612.1620 x7475

Mr. Brandon Buckner

Acting Maryland Division Administrator for the Federal Highway Administration


Empowered Representative : Justine Champion, Planning Program Manager

Phone Number : 410.779.7157

Ms. Terry Garcia-Crews

Administrator for Region 3 of the Federal Transit Administration


Empowered Representative : Anthony Jreije, Community Planner

Phone Number : 215.656.7051

Mr. Michael B. Kelly

Executive Director of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council


Empowered Representative : Todd Lang, Director of the Transportation Planning Division

Phone Number : 410.732.9566

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