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Transportation Core

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The Transportation CORE brings together a select group of self-identified transportation planning superfans as well as newbies from across the Baltimore region for focus group-style meetings and on-your-own-time assignments. This is a new approach to building ongoing public engagement into the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board’s planning processes.

Launched in 2022, the roughly 50 members of the Transportation CORE take part in a deeper level of public involvement, serving on project advisory committees and sharing high-level feedback on BRTB processes.

Three goals organize the work of the Transportation CORE:

  1. To provide opportunities for various interested parties to have input on how the BRTB approaches project planning, prioritization of projects and public involvement.
  2. To expand the BRTB’s reach beyond its committees and long-time partners to make sure that rural, suburban and urban communities and business interests from across the Baltimore region are represented.
  3. To bring new and emerging concerns and issues to the BRTB’s attention through members who serve as local ‘eyes and ears’ on transportation throughout the region.

CORE members will participate in approximately 6-10 activities per year. This includes answering surveys online, reviewing documents or project websites and sharing comments, and attending 3-4 virtual meetings per year to discuss projects and plans and offer the CORE members a chance to share their unique experiences and wisdom. There are also opportunities for members to serve on advisory committees and focus groups. Members will receive emails approximately 2-4 times per month with clear information on how they can participate.

Interested in serving on the Transportation CORE?

Does this sound interesting to you? We would love to make a seat at the table for you. Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. 


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