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Transit Governance and Funding

Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup

In July 2022, BMC’s Board of Directors established the Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup with the objective of preparing recommendations regarding the management of transit in the Baltimore region.

The Workgroup held four meetings from September to December 2022 and based their work on the BRTB’s extensive 2021 analysis of this issue. The Workgroup considered the alternatives from the original study, and compared peer state and regional transit entities.

Each meeting was open to interested groups and individuals and included opportunities to provide comments both virtually and in-person. Prior to the creation of the final report,  members of the public were invited to comment on a set of draft-final recommendations.

The Workgroup ultimately developed consensus around a set of five recommendations for timely action by our local governments, the Maryland General Assembly and the Moore-Miller administration.

  1. To create a Baltimore Regional Transit Commission;
  2. To require a Regional Consolidated Transportation Plan tour;
  3. To restructure the LOTS Programs so that flexible funds can support both existing and growing transit;
  4. To reconstitute and empower the Maryland Transportation Commission to provide oversight and transparency to the CTP process; and
  5. To conduct a formal study of the creation of a Baltimore Regional Transit Authority.


The appointed members of the workgroup include:

  • Tony Bridges, Maryland State Delegate, Baltimore City, District 41
  • Dr. Celeste Chavis, Associate Professor of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Studies, Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Morgan State University’s Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. School of Engineering
  • Andrew Gena, Director of Strategic Research, Amalgamated Transit Union AFL-CIO/CLC
  • Tasha Gresham-James, Executive Director, Dundalk Renaissance
  • Ron Hartman, Senior Consultant, WSP USA
  • Jon Laria, Managing Partner, Ballard Spahr
  • Michael McMillan, President & Business Agent, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1300
  • Tony Scott, Associate Director for Project Management, Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Infrastructure
  • Samuel Snead, Director, Anne Arundel County Department of Transportation
  • Aaron Tomarchio, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tradepoint Atlantic
  • Adrea Turner, Chief of Staff, Urban Institute
  • D’Andrea Walker, Acting Director, Baltimore County Department of Public Works & Transportation
  • Mary Washington, Maryland State Senator, Baltimore City, District 43

Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Study (2021)

Responding to State legislative interest and at the request of the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan Commission and the Maryland Department of Transportation – Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA), the Baltimore Regional Transit Board (BRTB) has initiated this effort. The objective of the Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Study is to develop alternatives for how the region could structure, organize, and fund regional transit services. The BRTB has contracted with a consultant team to work through an iterative and interactive process of research, analysis, and stakeholder input. This process will ensure that the alternatives developed are grounded in experience, respectful of history and constraints, but creative enough to recognize opportunities.


Project Approach

The study kicked off in December 2020. The schedule will include monthly meetings through June 2021 and include a report out on the following topics at the regular BRTB meetings.