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Baltimore Region GIS Committee

Baltimore Region GIS Committee

The Baltimore Region GIS Committee (BRGISC) is a working group for GIS staff in BMC's member jurisdictions. The goal of the committee is to come together to collaborate and exchange ideas on geospatial matters that affect the entire region. Founded in 2009, the BRGISC meets quarterly to discuss state and local GIS activities, coordinate on regional projects, and provide educational and networking opportunities for its members. GIS staff at BMC act as a liaison between BMC's member jurisdictions to ensure they are kept updated on state policies and projects that affect local GIS operations. BMC staff also advocate at state meetings on behalf of local GIS interests.


  • Monitoring state GIS activities and policies and discussing their impact on local GIS operations
  • Advising state agencies on GIS issues that affect local GIS staff
  • Fostering cooperation, collaboration, and communication on GIS-related issues among local, regional, state, and federal agencies in the Baltimore area
  • Providing opportunities for state agencies, federal agencies, and other groups to bring their ideas to the entire region while giving local government GIS staff a chance to provide feedback on large-area projects that may affect them
  • Coordinating and facilitating the sharing of geospatial data among BMC member jurisdictions
  • Creating partnerships and project-level planning for geospatial data projects involving multiple jurisdictions
  • Creating an environment where GIS staff from local governments can share work experiences and project solutions
  • Identifying opportunities for Committee members to address GIS training needs cooperatively with each other and other groups and agencies


The BRGISC is open to all GIS staff who work for BMC's member jurisdictions.