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Cooperative Forecasting Group

Committee Title
Cooperative Forecasting Group
Committee Description


The Cooperative Forecasting Group (CFG) is a subcommittee of the Technical Committee of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB). The CFG develops data sets of population, household, and employment controls and small area forecasts vital to BRTB transportation planning activities that include travel demand modeling and air quality conformity testing. These data sets are available to federal, state, and local government agencies, private sector businesses, and members of the public.

The CFG meets the fourth Wednesday of every other month to review local land use patterns, to discuss socio-economic trends, newly released U.S. Census Bureau figures and other indicators, and to adjust existing forecasts to reflect new developments, market conditions, and current local policy. The CFG submits forecasts to the Technical Committee for review and subsequent recommendation for endorsement by the BRTB.

Purpose and Mission

  • To develop a set of population, household, and employment controls and small area forecasts
  • To review Census data releases and current local demographic conditions
  • To analyze demographic trends
  • To identify major components of demographic change


  • Representatives of each BRTB jurisdiction
  • Non-voting members include the Maryland Department of Planning, the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff.

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