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BMC Presents Baltimore Regional Recovery Dashboard at 2020 AMPO Conference

BMC Newsroom

BMC staff members Zach Kaufman and Shawn Kimberly spoke at the virtual Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) 2020 Annual Conference on Thursday, October 29th.

Their presentation explained the development, purpose and effectiveness of the Baltimore Regional Recovery Dashboard, launched on Wednesday, June 17, to aid local and state partners as they work to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dashboard includes data analysis and visualizations across BMC’s various areas of focus including housing, transportation, and workforce development.

The presentation focused on the data and methodology utilized to construct the data visualizations, information on how our partners in the region are using it, and next steps for expanding the dashboard.

Zach Kaufman is a transportation planner at BMC. His responsibilities include managing the Baltimore Region Transportation Improvement Program. He also works on labor market data analysis, creating products and reports for workforce development stakeholders in the region.

Shawn Kimberly is a senior transportation planner at BMC. He works with the Cooperative Forecasting Group to develop demographic forecasts vital to BRTB transportation planning activities. He also works on labor market analysis and workforce development reports and products.

The AMPO Annual Conference is the premiere event for MPOs to learn and network. Experts teach and offer a combination of presentations and hands-on learning opportunities.

BMC looks forward to next year's conference.

2020 AMPO conference