BMC Team Members Join the ‘Walk the Watershed’ Event | Baltimore Metropolitan Council

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BMC Team Members Join the ‘Walk the Watershed’ Event

BMC Newsroom

BMC staff are proud to participate in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) ‘Walk the Watershed’ event this year. Throughout the month of June, our team will work toward a goal of traveling 200 miles in support of a healthier waterway. This target represents the approximately 200-mile-long Chesapeake Bay. Staff will also seek donations on behalf of CBF as an element of this campaign.

Team members contribute to the 200-mile goal by tracking and reporting their individual walking, bike riding, and running distances. Photos and videos document and share this experience publicly.

To date, the team has reached its 200-mile goal and raised over $600 in donations.

Part of BMC's mission is to improve our region’s quality of life – of which the health of the Bay plays an important role.  A clean Chesapeake Bay provides a healthy place for fish and shellfish to grow, and a more beautiful and safe place to boat and recreate. The Bay’s waters also provide vital economic benefits to the tourism and seafood industry that are entrenched in our region’s history and future.

BMC watershed event BMC watershed event BMC watershed event