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Regional Fair Housing Group


Regional Fair Housing Group

Regional Fair Housing Group


Since 1996, local governments in the Baltimore metropolitan area have coordinated in carrying out their duty to affirmatively further fair housing under the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968. In 1996, the local governments created one of the first Regional Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AIs) in the nation. With assistance from the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) they updated the Action Plan from that AI in 2002. They then finalized a new Regional AI themselves in 2012. Since 2012, with assistance from BMC, the jurisdictions and public housing authorities (PHAs) have implemented that document's Regional Fair Housing Action Plan, including establishing a Regional Rental Housing Affordability Preservation Policy and a Regional Project-Based Voucher Program.

The Fair Housing Group is currently launching a new Regional AI process, with the new document and Action Plan scheduled for completion in October 2019.

Purpose and Mission

To provide a forum where local governments and public housing authorities (PHAs) in the Baltimore area can carry out coordinated planning and implementation of their duty to affirmatively further fair housing.


The Fair Housing Group includes housing and community development officials from the cities of Annapolis and Baltimore, as well as Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, and Howard Counties. It also includes leaders from public housing authorities in each of those jurisdictions. The chair and vice chair positions rotate annually among the members.