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The BRTB Updates Regional Bicycle Facilities Map

The BRTB Updates Regional Bicycle Facilities Map

We are proud to announce that the Regional Bicycle Facilities Map is up to date. Originally launched in February 2019, this data product enhances bicycle commuting planning in the Baltimore region. This latest release updates the map for 2019 and adds data for Queen Anne’s County.

The Regional Bicycle Facilities Map contains all existing bicycle trails and lanes in the Baltimore region. The focus of the data is on commuting, rather than recreational cycling. It will enable better transportation planning by allowing planners to identify gaps in connectivity among existing bicycle trails and lanes.

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Information includes location, facility type, side of road, trail or road name (if applicable), and speed limit (if applicable). Bicycle trails that do not aid in commuting, such as a small loop in a park, may not be represented on the Regional Bicycle Facility Map.

The new data can be accessed through an online mapping application. For planners and advanced data users, the raw GIS data is available on BMC’s website.

The Regional Bicycle Facilities Map is a collaborative product of BMC, the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board’s (BRTB’s) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group (BPAG), county planning and GIS partners from the Baltimore region, the Maryland Department of Planning, Maryland Department of Transportation, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

View the updated map