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Virtual FHWA Active Management Cycle Workshop

1:00 pm
4:00 pm

Virtual Workshop

Attendees will learn about a tool that can be used to assess a range of TSMO strategies; the workshop will focus on signal operations.


About this Event


This FHWA-sponsored workshop presents a self-assessment and guidance material (collectively a "tool") that agencies can use to improve the ways in which they engage and operate the transportation network. "Active Management" and "Transportation Systems Management and Operations " (TSMO) are the fundamental concepts at the core of this workshop. The workshop will present a tool that agencies can use to assess their ability to apply the Active Management Cycle, understand areas where improvements should be prioritized, and identify actions to make those improvements. The tool is designed to be applied to any specific TSMO strategy, activity or service. The workshop will focus on signal operations.

The target audience for this workshop is staff involved in the operation of the transportation network, and specifically signal operations.




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