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Employment Statistics

The dashboards below summarize various employment data points. These include monthly employment statistics in Maryland by county as well as three dashboards summarizing weekly unemployment insurance claims in both U.S. States and Maryland counties. The final dashboard summarizes the characteristics of UI claimants in U.S. States by age, sex, race, ethnicity, and industry of employment.

Most Exposed Sectors

The dashboards below present economic data on the sectors that are most exposed to economic impacts from COVID-19. The most exposed sectors* are those that were/are either shut down or experienced reduced demand such as restaurants and bars, travel and transportation, entertainment, personal services, other sensitive retail, and sensitive manufacturing.

These dashboards compare the most exposed sectors to all other sectors in the economy for data points such as jobs, gross regional product, payrolled business locations, and median hourly wages.


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*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Joseph S. Vavra, “Shutdown sectors represent large share of all U.S. employment” (Chicago, IL: Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago, March 27, 2020)