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Through the BRTB’s Regional Safety Subcommittee, BMC aids in highway safety planning for the greater Baltimore region.

The subcommittee and BMC staff are currently involved in the implementation of the 2016-2020 SHSP at the regional and local level. The 2016-2020 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) continues the legacy of previous safety action plans with a detailed framework for the next chapter of transportation safety in Maryland. The plan is developed around performance measures and effective strategies to achieve long-term goals. The 2016-2020 SHSP was designed to move Maryland closer to reducing roadway fatalities in half by 2030 and eventually ending traffic fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways.

Achieving these goals will require a sustained and steadfast commitment from state and local agencies and key safety partners. SHSP stakeholders are crucial to improving roadway safety in Maryland through implementing the strategies and action steps related to the “Four Es of Safety” (Engineering, Enforcement, Education and EMS).

In January 2018, the BRTB adopted short-term yearly highway safety targets in accordance with regulatory guidance and advice received by FHWA and in coordination with MDOT and MHSO. The targets are shown in the Resolution #18-8.

Beginning in FY 2019 BMC will house a safety planner, funded in part by the Maryland Highway Safety Office, to assist local members of the BRTB in collecting and analyzing data to develop their own SHSPs. The safety planner will continue to update data and work with local and regional partners on implementing strategies that will reduce serious injuries and fatalities.