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Transit & Human Service Transportation Coordination

Transit Planning

Transit services in the Baltimore region, including bus, subway, light rail and commuter rail, play a major role in alleviating congestion and improving air quality, while promoting land use and development goals. Transit is an integral part of the transportation management system along with ridesharing and bicycling. BMC staff analyze regional ridership trends and forecasts, coordinate long-term planning of major transit improvements, and organize programs to promote greater use of transit as a commute alternative. Transit operators are represented on the BRTB and also work together to share best practices for improving short-term operations and to highlight long-term funding needs.

BMC staff provides demographic data, travel demand modeling and overall analysis to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and local transit agencies that focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of current systems, as well as identifying opportunities to increase service in the region. BMC provides a regional perspective is provided to transit agencies when they update their Transit Development Plans, assists with planning activities such as an access to rails study, a transit needs assessment, and coordination between state and local services.

Coordinated Human Service Transportation Planning

Coordinated Human Service Transportation Planning (CHSTP) was established by presidential executive order in 2004 to coordinate projects funded through federal programs that support lifeline transit service for disadvantaged populations.

The BRTB is responsible for facilitating the Coordinated Human Service Transportation Planning (CHSTP) process for the Baltimore region. The BRTB works with MTA to review applications and make recommendations for the Section 5310 Program, or Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and People with Disabilities.