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BRTB Approves funding for Inner Harbor Water Taxi Terminal, 3 MARC projects (2016-2019 TIP Amendment)

BRTB updates Amended 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program 

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) welcomed comments on four updates to the Amended 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Baltimore City Inner Harbor Water Taxi Terminal project and three Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) MARC fleet and facilities projects from June 6 through July 8, 2016. The BRTB voted to approve the amendments on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Details of the amendment and comment period are below.

The Amended 2016-2019 TIP is the list of regional transportation projects requesting federal funding in the near term. It includes more than $2.5 billion in proposed federal, state and local money for highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects during the next four years. The funding goes towards maintaining, operating and expanding the transportation system. The TIP is fiscally constrained.

Amendments occur to the TIP because of changes to project scope and funding or changes to federal documentation policies. Public comment periods and meetings aim to keep communication open regarding these changes.

Download a summary of the amendments

Baltimore City requested an update the Amended 2016-2019 TIP to include as a new project the construction of the Inner Harbor Water Taxi Terminal (TIP ID # 12-1612-23).

This project replaces the existing two-story visitor’s center. The new building will serve  as the Baltimore water taxi terminal and also will provide ADA compliant access to the USS Constellation. The new 5,000 square foot building will mainly be used for the water taxi ticket sales terminal and will provide a climate controlled waiting area for water taxi patrons.

This high priority project allocates $1.84 million in federal construction funds with a matching $460,000 for Fiscal Year 2016. The total amount of funding added to the Amended 2016-2019 TIP is $2.3 million. Other sources of funding for this project are provided by one or more private entities. The estimated total cost including private contributions is $4.32 million.

TIP Sheet   |   Baltimore Business Journal Article

The MTA requested an update the Amended 2016-2019 TIP to reflect FY 2015 funds that will now be obligated in FY 2016, and an $862,000 cost increase associated with one grant included in the MARC Rolling Stock Overhauls and Replacement project (TIP ID # 70-1501-53).

This is an ongoing project for the overhaul and replacement of MARC rolling stock. The overhaul of MARC coaches and locomotives is performed in accordance with 10-year minor and 20-year midlife schedules and/or the manufacturer’s schedule. MARC vehicles will be upgraded with federally-mandated Positive Train Control safety features.

Funding for this project in the Amended 2016-2019 TIP increases from $43.96 million to $55.17 million, which includes $8.97 million in federal funding and $2.24 million in matching, for a total of $11.21 million.

TIP Sheet

People and train at MARC train stationMARC IMPROVEMENTS
The MTA requested an update the Amended 2016-2019 TIP  to reflect changes to FY 2016 and FY 2017 funding for the ongoing MARC Improvements project (TIP ID # 70-1502-24).

This project implements improvements derived from the MARC Master Plan and Amtrak Operating Agreement. Improvements include Baltimore Penn Station lighting design, B&P Tunnel block ties, B&P Tunnel lighting improvements, inner track platform upgrades, lead track to Jessup Yard, Camden Positive Train Control, and MARC station parking lot beautification.

Total funding for this project in the Amended 2016-2019 TIP increases from $29.25 million to $42.25 million, which is a total of $13 million.

TIP Sheet

People boarding MARC trainMARC FACILITIES
The MTA requested an update of the Amended 2016-2019 TIP  to reflect FY 2015 federal funds that will be obligated for FY 2016, and federal funds that will appear in FY 2017 for the MARC Facilities project (TIP ID # 70-1503-55).

This $62.82 million project will serve to rehabilitate MARC facilities through:

  • The procurement of the Riverside Maintenance Facility from CSXT to increase space needed for MARC train maintenance and storage
  • The comprehensive structural inspection and recommended structural repairs for two garages at the Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport facility to extend their useful life
  • Improvements to the existing West Baltimore MARC Station to make it ADA compliant, upgrade pedestrian access, and improve connectivity to bus and light rail
  • The purchase of private property and construction of two additional storage tracks at Martin State Airport to increase space needed for MARC train maintenance and storage

Funding for this project in the Amended 2016-2019 TIP  increases by $11.09 million in federal and $2.77 million in matching for a total of $13.86 million.

TIP Sheet

The public review period was held from Monday, June 6 through Friday, July 8, 2016. The BRTB invited the public to learn more and/or share comments on these projects at a series of public meetings* on Wednesday, June 8, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Baltimore County Public Library Woodlawn Branch;Tueesday, June 14 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Baltimore County Public Library Essex Branch; and Wednesday, July 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (with the BRTB’s Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Policy Subcommittee). Comments were also welcome during the Public Comment Opportunity during the BRTB meetings on Tuesday, June 28 at 9 a.m. and Tuesday, July 26 (prior to vote) at 9 a.m. Two comments were received in support of funding for these TIP amendments. 

Comments Received 

* The public participation process for the TIP will also meet the FTA public participation requirements for the MTA’s Program of Projects (POP).


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