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Environmental Planning

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council is involved in two areas of environmental planning: air and water. Some of the work involves creating regional agreements, while other areas focus on analyzing the impacts of transportation on air and water quality.

  • Working to improve air quality in the Baltimore region - The Baltimore region currently does not meet federal standards for two air pollutants: ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter (fine soot). Because of this, a large amount of planning is dedicated to making sure that the region’s transportation plans are completed in line with state air quality goals. 

    Because each of us plays a role in improving the region’s air quality, BMC also undertakes many air quality outreach activities to educate the public on the relationship between driving and air quality. This is done in an effort to reduce emissions from the transportation sector.

    >> Learn more about air quality planning

  • Protecting area reservoir watersheds - BMC helps to operate the Baltimore region’s Reservoir Watershed Management Program by providing staff leadership and coordination for the program. The Reservoir Program addresses all known potential sources of pollution in the three reservoir watersheds, which together provide water for over 1.8 million people in the Baltimore region. A new Reservoir Watershed Management Agreement was signed in late 2005, accompanied by a detailed new Action Strategy (pdf). A progress report (pdf) on the implementation of the Action Strategy commitments since 2005 was released by the program in October 2009.

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