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These maps illustrate the range of analytic, cartographic and other technical capabilities of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff. The thumbnail images link to a pdf version of each map.

Commuters Map Commuters to Baltimore Model Area, 2000. Thematic map showing the number of commuters to central Maryland, by county, from the rest of Maryland and surrounding states. 

Regional Activity Centers MapRegional Activity Centers. BMC staff have identified 8 activity center types in the region, and 31 individual activity centers. This color-coded map displays their locations. View more details, including commuting information for each center and additional maps, on the Regional Activity Centers page.

Travel Speeds Collected Using GPS Travel Speeds Collected Using GPS. During the spring of 2004, staff collected travel speed data on 23 freeways and arterial roadways throughout the region. This data was collected using global positioning systems during the evening rush hour. Each road segment was driven 7 times in each direction, and an average travel speed was calculated from the data collected. The map shows the average speed for each segment during that time period. 

Bicycle Level of Service Bicycle Level of Service in Downtown Baltimore. Level of service refers to a grading system used by transportation planners to evaluate the existing conditions (or suitability) of a transportation mode in a given place. The Bicycle Level of Service Model evaluates how safe and comfortable bicyclists feel with respect to motor vehicle traffic in the same corridor. For more information on the topic, view the complete report, titled Bicycle Level of Service Evaluation Update & Pedestrian Level of Service Evaluation.

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