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Want To Help Make The Air Cleaner?

Join or start a carpool.

Single occupant vehicles - where only the driver is in the vehicle - account for much of the emissions that create our region’s air quality problems. Reducing the number of people who drive alone is a great way to clean our air.

The RideShare program of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, sponsored by the Maryland Department of Transportation, can provide you with all of the information and resources needed to form a new carpool or join an existing one.

Visit for all the details.

Now Available in the Baltimore Region:


There when you need it.

Call 1-800-745-RIDE (7433) for info or sign-up at

Guaranteed Ride Home

Employers: Download GRH posters (8.5X11 or 11x17) & flyers for your employees!

Guaranteed Ride Home (otherwise known as GRH) provides commuters who regularly (at least twice a week) carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a FREE and reliable ride home when one of life's unexpected emergencies arise.

Commuters may take advantage of GRH up to four times per year to get home for unexpected emergencies such as a personal illness or a sick child. GRH can also be used for unscheduled overtime when your employer mandates that you must stay late.

GRH is designed to rescue commuters who are worried about how they’ll get home when an emergency arises. Knowing there’s a guaranteed ride home allows one to use commuting options like transit and carpools with peace of mind and confidence.

Best of all, the GRH service is FREE!

Some resetrictions apply so be sure to read the Participation Guidelines.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-745-RIDE.

For more information:
Lillian Bunton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 410-732-6000.

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