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Did you know these things about our transportation system… ?

  • Did you know?There are more than 2,100 bridges and nearly 11,000 miles of streets and highways than in the Baltimore region.

  • Baltimore City alone has over 72,000 street lights and 250,000 traffic and informational signs.

  • Because of Baltimore’s location, the Port of Baltimore enables overnight truck access to more than 30 percent of the nation’s population. The port's largest facility - the Dundalk Marine Terminal - is the second largest terminal on the North Atlantic coast.

  • The Maryland Transit Administration maintains over 15 miles of Metro Subway tracks and 30 miles of Light Rail tracks.

That is a lot of roads, signs, and train tracks! Not to mention all of the areas alleys, sidewalks, buses, airports, or any of the other pieces of our transportation system. Planning for, operating, and maintaining this system is a big task. It requires a lot of collaboration among all of the cities and counties in our region, as well as all of the agencies that operate the systems. Plus, you! The public plays a key role in the transportation system and planning processes.

What is a transportation plan? Who makes the decisions about transportation? Knowing the answer to questions like these will help you know who to contact when you have a concern or an idea. It will help you be better prepared to be involved in the planning process.

Understanding the regional transportation planning process is not always easy, but we hope that these resources will help you to learn more and become involved.


  • Kids Fun Page – Hey kids! Check out super cool games and links to sites about all things transportation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – We’ve got answers to the most frequently asked questions about transportation planning in our region.

  • Speakers Bureau – Need a speaker at your next meeting? Interested in learning more? Invite us to speak at your next meeting!

  • Who Do I Contact About...? – Want a pothole repaired or find out how you can get involved locally in the planning process? Check out this list of phone numbers and websites for more information.

  • Resources for Citizens – We’ve gathered a few of the basic documents to get you started.

  • Glossary of Acronyms – TIP? LOS? Annual Element? TOD? Value Pricing? What do all of these letters and words mean!? We try to use plain English when talking about transportation, but sometimes we forget and use short versions of terms.

For more information:

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