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On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board voted to approve a change to their bylaws that changes the name of this committee from Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Public Advisory Committee (PAC). This change was made in an effort to promote inclusion and avoid confusion of the term “citizens” with U.S. citizenship, as U.S. citizenship is not a requirement of participation in the BRTB committees or the metropolitan planning process.

Flyer - Public Advisory CommitteeThe Public Advisory Committee is a diverse group of residents, representatives of community organizations, and industry professionals that provide essential independent, region-oriented advice regarding regional transportation planning and related issues. Members also assist in promoting equity and public awareness and  public participation in the regional transportation planning process.

New members are appointed annually by the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board to make sure that all geographic areas of the region and diverse points of view are represented. The PAC : 1) serves as an advisory body to the BRTB,  2) provides independent, region-oriented citizen advice on issues related to the development of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Plan, Unified Planning Work Program, Transportation Improvement Program and amendments that affect the region’s conformity with federal air quality requirements, the public involvement process, regionally significant land use issues, and other regional transportation-related issues, as appropriate, and 3) promotes public awareness and participation in the regional transportation planning process. Promote equity in the regional transportation planning process. 

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