Public Information Requests

Public Information Act Requests: Schedule of Fees 

The Maryland Public Information Act, Maryland State Government Code Ann., §10-621, permits a governmental agency to set reasonable fees for the search, preparation, and copying of public records.

As such, this Schedule of Fees shall be followed by Baltimore Metropolitan Council when responding to requests for public information presented under the Maryland Public Information Act or the Federal Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. §522).  Requests for public records must be directed, in writing, and delivered in hard copy (not by electronic mail nor fax) to the appropriate custodian of record.  Materials supplied in response to a public information request will be delivered in hard copy (not by electronic mail nor fax). The term “applicant” refers to the person or entity requesting access to or copies of public records.

I. Photocopies 

A. The fee for each copy made by a photocopying machine owned or operated by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council is 25¢ per page. No charge shall be made when the total fee does not exceed $1.00.

B. The fee to outsource any copy which cannot be reproduced on the Baltimore Metropolitan Council's copying equipment will be based on the actual cost of reproduction.   

C. When an applicant requests that a copy of a public record be certified officially by administrative staff, an additional fee of $1.00 per page shall be charged.

II. Search and Preparation 

A. Baltimore Metropolitan Council will not impose a charge for the first two hours that an employee spends to respond to a request for public records.

B. When staff time to search for requested public records or to prepare public records for inspection and copying exceeds two hours, the charge for such search and preparation shall be assessed at a reasonable rate, to be no less than $25.00 per hour for clerical staff time and no less than $45.00 per hour for professional staff time.

III. Payment

A. Prior to copying a public record, staff members shall estimate the cost of reproduction and require prepayment of the cost from the applicant.

B. Payment shall be remitted to the Baltimore Metropolitan Council by money order or certified cashier’s check.

Waivers of this Schedule of Fees may be granted, as provided by the Public Information Act.

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