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Local Planning

Local planners work within each jurisdiction, with stakeholder organizations and with the general public, to determine a broad shared vision for the jurisdiction; and then to make a long-range plan to realize the vision. The plan — aka the comprehensive plan, comp plan, general plan or master plan, etc. — includes policies to shape future land use and development; and details the investments in schools, parks, utilities and transportation facilities needed to support the policies. The multi-year planning process is open to public participation from the start and throughout, so the final comprehensive plan represents THE plan for the future for each local jurisdiction.

And when representatives of the local jurisdictions gather to make a long-range transportation plan for the entire Baltimore region, some of the same transportation policies and investments found in local comprehensive plans are often recommended for and included in the regional transportation plan.

So when you get involved in the local planning process, you have the chance to shape your jurisdiction, and perhaps the whole region. To learn more about local planning in the region, see the list of links below.

Annapolis Comprehensive Plan 

Anne Arundel County General Development Plan 

Baltimore City Comprehensive Master Plan

Baltimore County Master Plan

Carroll County Master Plan

Harford County Master Plan 

Howard County General Plan 

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