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Travel Demand Forecasting

Forecasting Our Future Transportation Needs

In our increasingly complex world, decision makers need solid, reliable information on which to base difficult choices. Today’s state-of-the-art travel forecast models address a piece of this challenge by allowing us to see the potential impacts and outcomes of various policy and program options.

How we do travel demand forecasting

    • Travel Demand Forecasting Model - Travel demand forecasting utilizes a travel forecasting model and attempts to answer important questions about how people will travel, how much congestion there will be, and more.

    • Modeling Truck & Commercial Vehicle Travel– The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board recognizes the important role that freight plays in our regional economy and quality of life. 

Who works on travel demand forecasting?

  • Technical Committee – The Technical Committee reviews and evaluates all transportation plans and programs from a technical standpoint.

For more information:
Charles Baber, or 410-732-0500 x1056.

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