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Socioeconomic Trends Publications

Round 8B Cooperative Forecasts (by jurisdiction). August 2016

This data set contains population, household and employment estimates and forecasts in five-year intervals, 2010-2040, for each jurisdiction in the Baltimore region. To purchase forecasts at smaller levels of geography (Regional Planning Districts or Transportation Analysis Zones), user the order form, or contact the Regional Information Center, or 410-732-9570.

Building Permit Data System Online

Enables subscribers to search for details of recently issued building permits, and to generate custom reports, by selecting specific types of construction projects, time frame, location and estimated cost of project. Access to the data system and printed reports of its data are available by subscription. Building Permit Annual Summaries by jurisdiction are published on our website.

2010 Census Documents

Documents include census tract maps for each of the jurisdictions; a correlation table for 2010 RPD, TAD, Census Block, Block Group, Tract, and TAZ boundaries; maps showing demographic  data. 

Primer for Developing BMC Travel Demand Model Socio-Economic Inputs. Task Report 08-2. December 2007. Online.

Details the development of data that is used in version 3.3 of the Council's travel demand model, particularly those, such as population , households and employment, that are most susceptible to updating on an annual basis.

Greater Baltimore State of the Region Report. 2007. Online.

Latest edition of a document published jointly with the Greater Baltimore Committee. Examines the relative health and economic performance of ur region compared to a group of metropolitan economies throughout the United States.

Regional Economic Indicators for the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, 2006 Edition. June 2006. Online.

Updated version of the most comprehensive collection of demographic and economic data on the region available. Includes valuable statistics on population and housing, employment and income, business conditions, transportation and government finances for the region as a whole as well as for individual jurisdictions.

2000 Census Tracts in... March 2002. (Census 2000: Maps)

One 8.5 x 11" map sheet for each jurisdiction in the region (except Baltimore County, which is on 3 sheets). Each map shows census tract boundaries in black, Regional Planning District (RPD) boundaries in blue, and highways in red.

2000 RPD Boundaries in... March 2002. (Census 2000: Maps)

One 8.5 x 11" map sheet for each jurisdiction in the region. Each map shows RPD (Regional Planning District) boundaries in blue and highways in red.

Community Profiles. (Community Profiles)

8-10 page compilations of data and other information about the communities in the Baltimore region. There is one profile for each of 94 Regional Planning Districts (RPDs) in the area, as well as one for each jurisdiction and the region as a whole.


Please contact the Regional Information Center at 410-732-9570 or if you have any questions

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