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Customized Demographic Profiles

Do you need demographic data?

We can provide demographic information for any kind of geographic area you want -- circles, polygons (you name the boundaries), ZIP codes, as well as census tracts, counties, cities and other standard geographic units.

Available for any location in Maryland, the data are generated either from the 2010 census or from updates provided by a private data company, and are customized to your geographic specifications. They can include anything from population and housing units to education levels, poverty status, occupation, and means of transportation to work. 

Maps of your chosen area or areas can also be created, providing you with a complete, easy-to-read profile of a neighborhood, target service area, or potential business location. Data for up to six places can be printed on one page for easy comparison purposes.

 The updates are currently for 2013, with projections to 2018. 

 Customized Demographic Sample Tables 

These sample tables (in pdf format) show data  for 1 and 2 mile circles around Enoch Pratt Free Library (Central).

Census 2010

Nielsen 2011

  • Population Quick Facts  (includes age, race and gender)
  • Household Quick Facts (includes income, household size, household and family structure)
  • Demographic Snapshot, Part 1 (includes population by race, gender and age plus ethnic/ancestry breakdowns, age by gender, marital status, and educational attainment
  • Demographic Snapshot, Part 2 (includes household type, income, structure, and size, plus vehicle ownership, poverty, employment, commuting patterns, housing data)
  • Housing Units by Value (for 2000, 2011 and 2016)
  • Other tables available include:

Population by Age, Race and Sex (for 2000, 2011, and 2016);
Income by Age of Householder; and 
Profiles of Young Adults and Middle Years


The cost for this service is modest, and we offer fast turn-around time, often within 24 to 48 hours.

For standard Census Bureau units of geography (such as county, city, census-designated place or census tract), as well as zip codes, printouts of any of the tables are $1.00 each.

For non-standard units of geography (circles or other user-defined areas) the charge is $10.00 for the first table for each geographic unit, and $1.00 for each table thereafter. Sales tax and delivery charges are extra.

Data tables can be configured with as many as six geographic units in columns on a page, or each unit can be printed on a separate page. The price per geographic unit is the same, regardless of page format.

Computer-generated maps showing chosen boundaries are available at an additional charge.

Please call (410-732-9570), fax (410-732-9488) or email for more information.

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