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Commuter Options

We all have places to be. Whether we are working or retired, there is always somewhere to go. But did you know that how you choose to get there can affect all of us?

People who drive alone create a large part of the emissions that cause air pollution in the Baltimore region. Single occupant vehicles also contribute to highway congestion, which in turn leads to even more emissions and dirtier air.

There are many alternatives to driving by yourself:

  • Rideshare - Share the costs and make new friends.
  • Transit - It’s easy, economical, and convenient.
  • Telework - Let work come to you.
  • Bicycle - Get and stay in shape while commuting.
  • Walk- 40% of trips are within walking distance.

! Did you know that riding transit, bicycling, carpooling, walking, or teleworking is clean commuting? It’s anything other than driving alone in a motor vehicle.

Because motor vehicles contribute up to 30% of the emissions that dirty our air, people who choose to clean commute are making an individual choice that helps reduce air pollution. Each person that chooses to clean commute helps to improve the quality of life in our region.

Even people who have to drive alone can help by keeping their vehicles maintained and running as efficiently as possible.

Reasons to Clean Commute
The quality of the air affects the way we live and breathe. Air pollution can affect our health over short periods of time or in the long term. The good news is that we all can do something to help improve the air quality in our region and protect ourselves.

Learn More About Clean Commuting
Learn more about how you can clean commute!  Also, employers can play a big role in encouraging employees to use clean commute options. Visit the Commuter Choice program web site for more information.

For more information:
Russ Ulrich, rulrich@baltometro.org or 410-732-9575.

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