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iHeart Radio features Clean Commute Initiatives Q&A

Russ Ulrich, outreach coordinator for Air Quality & Traffic Safety programs at the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, spoke to iHeart Radio staff in two Q&A interviews about the Clean Commute Initiatives’ spring educational campaign. The goals of the Clean Commute Initiatives are to remind the people in the Baltimore region that their personal transportation choices affect the air we breathe. Motor vehicles account for 30 to 40 percent of the emissions that create air pollution. BMC uses social media, advertisements and outreach events to educate the public.

iHeart Radio ran an interview that aired on Sunday, May 8, during the Maryland Fun Time Show on HEAVEN 600 WCAO. Another interview is scheduled to run on Sunday, May 15, during Maryland TODAY, iHeart Radio’s public affairs show, on 93.1 WPOC. 

Listen to the May 8th interview

Listen to the May 15th interview


Register for Bike to Work Day May 20, 2016 

We all have places to be. Whether we are working or retired, there is always somewhere to go, and how you choose to get there can affect all of us. People who drive alone create a large part of the emissions that cause air pollution in the Baltimore region. Single occupant vehicles also contribute to highway congestion, which in turn leads to even more emissions and dirtier air.

There are many alternatives to driving by yourself:

  • RideShare - Share the costs and make new friends.
  • Transit - It’s easy, economical, and convenient.
  • Telework - Work is what you do, not where you go.
  • Bike - Get and stay in shape while commuting.
  • Walk - 40% of trips are within walking distance.

Because motor vehicles contribute up to 30% of the emissions that dirty our air, people who choose to clean commute are making an individual choice that helps reduce air pollution. Each person that chooses to clean commute helps to improve the quality of life in our region.

Even people who have to drive alone can help by keeping their vehicles maintained and running as efficiently as possible.

Reasons to Clean Commute 

  • Improve Air Quality – Motor vehicles contribute up to 30% of the emissions that dirty our air. Choosing to clean commute can help reduce air pollution. Learn more on our Air Quality 101.
  • Reduce Congestion  Ever been stuck in traffic? It’s frustrating and it causes more pollution leading to dirtier air. Why not leave the traffic and try transit? It’s easy and economical.
  • Protect Your Health – Air pollution can make breathing difficult for everyone. Protect your health on poor air quality days.
  • Save Money – Earning tax breaks while helping to improve air quality? Its true! Employers can play a big role in encouraging employees to use clean commute options.  Find out about the Commuter Choice Program

For more information:
Russ Ulrich, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 410-732-9575.

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