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Welcome to our kid’s fun page!  We have all kinds of cool stuff for you to do.  You can learn more about buses, cars, trucks, trains, boats, and more!   You can play games, take a quiz, color, or do a puzzle. 

But first, think about how you get around?  Do you take a bus or subway?  Ride a bike?  Walk to school?  Ride in a car? 



If you do any of these things, transportation is a part of your life!  We all need transportation in order to get around – even if we walk, we need sidewalks and safe places to cross the street.  Plus, all of the things that you buy from a store or local market are delivered by trucks, trains, boats, and airplanes!  Your clothes, your computer, your school books, and even the wood that was used to build your house – all of these things were moved from one place to another using transportation. 

Learn more about transportation on these cool websites:

For Parents and Caregivers 



Do you know what these signs mean?





For more information or to add a resource:

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