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Staff List

Fax, General: 410-732-8248 
Fax, Regional Information Center: 410-732-9488

Staff email addresses consist of the first initial of the first name plus the entire last name (no punctuation)

Executive Division

(Alphabetically by last name)





Debbie Groat

Director, Cooperative Purchasing

410-732-0500 x1007

Michael B. Kelly

Executive Director

410-732-9561 or
410 732-0500 x 1004

Tamiko Knight

Office Manager 

410-732-9562 or
410-732-0500 x 1003

Sara Ann O'Leary

 Webmaster and Communications Associate

 410-732-0500 x 1005

Dan Pontious

Housing Policy Coordinator

410-732-0500 x 1055

Brian Shepter

Director of External Relations

410-732-0500 x1020

Spencer Simpson

IT Administrator

410-732-9569 or
410-732-0500 x1022

Laura Van Wert

Communications Officer

410-732-9564 or
410-732-0500 x1010

Stephanie Walsh

Administrative Assistant

410-732-9568 or
410-732-0500 x1000


Transportation Division

(Alphabetically by last name)


Title or Unit


Bala Akundi

Freight & Safety

410-732-0500 x1019

Regina Aris

Assistant Director & Manager of Policy Development

410-732-9572 or
410-732-0500 x1046

Charles Baber

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1056

Robert Berger

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1037

Victor Bonaparte

Socio-Economic Planning

410-732-0500 x1036

Lillian Bunton

Rideshare Coordinator

410-732-6000 or
410-732-0500 x1009

Blake Fisher 

Data Development 

410-732-0500 x1049

Terry Freeland

Long Range Planning & Congestion Management

410-732-0500 x1028

Monica Haines Benkhedda

Public Involvement Coordinator

410-732-0500 x1047

Don Halligan

Senior Transportation Planner

410-732-0500 x1002

Victor Henry

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1034

Mara Kaminowitz

GIS/Database Coordinator

410-732-0500 x1030

Zach Kaufman

Transportation Planner

410-732-0500 x1048

Sanghyeon Ko

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1025

Shawn Kimberly

Development Monitoring

410-732-0500 x1026

Todd Lang

Director of Transportation Planning

410-732-9566 or
410-732-0500 x1044

Yijing Lu

Transportation Planner - Travel Demand Modeler

410-732-0500 x1052

Crystal McDermott

GIS Analyst

410-732-0500 x1024

Jonathan Mysko


410-732-0500 x1027

Brian Ryder

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1054

Eileen Singleton

Management & Operations

410-732-0500 x1033

Rebecca Smith

Executive Assistant

410-732-0500 x1043

Ed Stylc

Survey Manager

410-732-0500 x1031

Sara Tomlinson

Air Quality

410-732-0500 x1035

Russ Ulrich

Air Quality Outreach

410-732-0500 x1008

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