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Executive Division  |  Transportation Division

Fax, General: 410-732-8248
Fax, Regional Information Center: 410-732-9488

Staff e-mail addresses consist of the first initial of the first name plus the entire last name (no punctuation)

Executive Division

(Alphabetically by last name)




Harry Bain

Director, Cooperative Purchasing

410-732-0500 x1007

Lillian Bunton

Rideshare Coordinator

410-732-6000 or

410-732-0500 x1009

Lyn Farrow Collins

Project Manager, The Opportunity Collaborative

410-732-0500 x1002

Michael B. Kelly

General Counsel & Governmental Relations

410-732-9561 or

410 732-0500 x1004

Larry Klimovitz

Executive Director

410-732-9563 or

410-732-0500 x1005

Tamiko Knight

Executive Assistant

410-732-9562 or

410-732-0500 x1003

Dan Pontious

Housing Policy Coordinator,

The Opportunity Collaborative

410-732-0500 x1055

Spencer Simpson

IT Administrator

410-732-9569 or

410-732-0500 x1022

Jim Slater

Water Resources Manager

410-732-0500 x1006

Amy Swackhamer

Regional Information Center Manager

410-732-9570 or 410-732-0500 x1060

Laura Van Wert

Communications Officer

410-732-9564 or
410-732-0500 x1010

Stephanie Walsh

Administrative Assistant

410-732-9568 or

410-732-0500 x1000

Transportation Division

(Alphabetically by last name)


Title or Unit


Bala Akundi

Freight & Safety

410-732-0500 x1019

Regina Aris

Assistant Director & Manager of Policy Development

410-732-9572 or

410-732-0500 x1046

Charles Baber

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1056

Robert Berger

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1037

Jamie Bridges

Land Use

410-732-0500 x1053

Victor Bonaparte

Socio-Economic Planning

410-732-0500 x1036

Matt de Rouville

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1051

Terry Freeland

Long Range Planning & Congestion Management

410-732-0500 x1028

Monica Haines Benkhedda

Public Participation

410-732-0500 x1047

Victor Henry

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1034

Gerry Hisle

Development Monitoring

410-732-0500 x1040

Mara Kaminowitz

GIS/Database Coordinator

410-732-0500 x1030

Hejun (June) Kang

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1052


Shawn Kimberly

Development Monitoring

410-732-0500 x1026

Todd Lang

Director of Transportation Planning

410-732-9566 or

410-732-0500 x1044

Bill Leonard

Field Operations

410-732-0500 x1039

Jonathan Mysko


410-732-0500 x1027

Birat Pandey

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1050

Brian Ryder

Technical Analysis

410-732-0500 x1054

Eileen Singleton

Management & Operations

410-732-0500 x1033

Rebecca Smith

Executive Assistant

410-732-0500 x1043

Ed Stylc

Survey Manager

410-732-0500 x1031

Sara Tomlinson

Air Quality

410-732-0500 x1035

Russ Ulrich

Air Quality Outreach

410-732-0500 x1008

Austin Williams


410-732-0500 x1024

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